Sound Design For Architecture

making space audible


Retail Sound Strategy by SoundDesignForArchitecture

SDFA creates one unique sound identity for a complete shopping experience:

  • The auditory expression is consistent with the visual. It communicates the values and messages the mall wants to communicate to their clients – a synthesis of visual and audio perception.
  • Soundscapes
    Custom made music compositions and designed sound for retail.
  • Functional Sound Design for Marketing
    Production, implementation and support of the right customized sound / music for your brand (sound design for shopping behaviour based on recent research results of music and sound psychology)
  • Soundrouting
  • Digital platforms and Automation, media servers and sequencers (MT), sensor controlled crowd control, WIFI implementation and project update.
  • Multi Speaker
  • Special event update

SDFA creates sound atmospheres for Moooi
Marcel Wanders, Salone del Mobile, Milano 2015.

Soundscapes in combination with the new collection will be presented in interesting product combinations revealing how Moooi’s furniture and lighting products can complement each other perfectly and to inspire you on how to make an environment more beautiful.

Galaxy Soho / Zaha Hadid Architects

The project maximizes attraction for business operations providing greatest satisfaction of hospitality and presentation of independent shop owners – a convenient interior and accommodation for shops and restaurants.

The influence of sound and music to people is our expertise and we know how to support and benefit brands and businesses through strategic sound design and sound communication.