Sound Design For Architecture

making space audible

  • we make space audible
  • to achieve a complete perception of space  - we connect our different senses: our ears with our eyes - auditory with visual
  • it's not about the appearance but about the complete experience of space
  • it's time to design for our ears

We create soundscapes for public spaces: Foyers, entrances, passage ways, receptions, waiting rooms, halls, stairways, for international offices, retail, shopping centers, banks, hotels, city halls, libraries, musea, concert halls, cultural centres, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, private homes and living spaces, etc.

Not music, but pure sound totally connected to the architectural environment, the space. To support the architects concept, to intensify the awareness of his creation - and the purpose of the building A sonic experience, almost imperceptible, neither disturbing nor dominant, the interaction between silence and environment.

Auditory perception is the most important awareness next to form, shape, material, colours, light, temperature, (aural architecture). Strongly attached to modern architecture, our approach to sound and environment is determined by aspects of synergy, the influence of space on our internal senses, connecting our interior by sonic consciousness to the interior of our environment. Our priority is the function of the building rather than the creation of an art form.

The sound composition works with digital, electronic, filtered, synthetic and naturally produced sounds and samples, based on musical composition techniques - the length reaching up to several hours. A unique sound design, developed for this specific space, playing with the qualities of architecture, environment, nature, and atmosphere inside and outside.

We offer sound design as added value. A totally new aspect to the perception of contemporary architecture. A previously unconsidered value of spatial awareness.

Sound Design For Architecture offers different concepts:

  1. Soundscapes connecting space with it's purpose / function / application
  2. Soundscapes making space audible through authentic sound research
  3. Soundscapes making space audible through molecular sound research
  4. Soundscapes focused on artistic concepts
  5. Combinations of 1, 2, 3, 4 are possible and very fascinating.
"We never see the same thing, when we also hear it.
We never hear the same thing, when we also see it".

Sound Design For Architecture works with international architects and developers of modern building projects. Our concept is totally integrated in the overall concept and forms part of the presentation and budget. Each unique architectural space gains added sensory significance through use of our sound design.