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Recent Developments:

December 2015 - Sound design concept for Dutch Railway Stations

The influence of sound and music to people is our expertise and we know how to create a safe and comfortable environment


1. Advice:
Sound advice / Sound identity / Sound strategy / Sound profile / Sound guidelines / Sound Toolbox

2. Content: customers comfort and complete experience / general appearance, level increase and presentation / sound design to support the unique identity of the location / connecting your travel / security / calamities / public movement and crowd control / sound routing and orientation in space / specific problem solutions / events

November 2015 - Sound design concept for Metro Amsterdam

November 2015 - Sound design concept 2020 for Apple Store

November 2015 - Sound design for hotel lobbies

October 2015 - SDFA creates sound design for public space.

Promotion Film SDFA

April 2015 - SDFA creates sound atmospheres for Moooi
Marcel Wanders, Salone del Mobile, Milano.

Soundscapes in combination with the new collection will be presented in interesting product combinations revealing how Moooi’s furniture and lighting products can complement each other perfectly and to inspire you on how to make an environment more beautiful.

From the 13th to the 19th of April, during Salone del Mobile, Moooi welcomes you at via Savona.

March 2015 - Retail Sound Strategy by SoundDesignForArchitecture

SDFA  creates one unique sound identity for a complete shopping experience:

  • The auditory expression is consistent with the visual. It communicates the values and messages the mall wants to communicate – a synthesis of visual and audio perception.
  • Soundscapes
    Custom made music compositions and designed sound for retail.
  • Functional Sound Design for Marketing
    Production, implementation and support for the right customized sound / music for your brand (sound design for shopping behaviour based on recent research results of music and sound psychology)
  • Soundrouting
  • digital platforms and automation, media servers and sequencers (MT), sensor controlled crowd control, WIFI implementation and project update.
  • Multi Speaker Zones
    audio + visual will be programmed for all different locations and acoustic situations.
  • Special event update

June 2015 - SoundDesignForArchitecture creates soundscapes for
Art Events and Expositions:

Paintings by Frits

September 2014 - Research: Interactive Sound Control

Our digitally programmed and fully automated “Interactive Sound Device” (MSP/PD) processes and composes a unique sound environment for every location. The authentic sound material is triggered from the building’s own database (sound library). The process is controlled and determined by a multi-sensor setup which continuously sends data about conditions, public, function, influences, etc. The resulting creation is a sound environment in motion, which never repeats; connected in every moment to the concrete situation and the particular requirements of the space.

February 2013 - Minutes of Frame #2: All the Senses
Pakhuis De Zwijger - Amsterdam

Second edition of 90 Minutes of Frame.  On February 13 - 2014 Frame returns for the second edition of Ninety Minutes of Frame, the magazine’s live lecture and debate series. The evening’s theme, All the Senses, concerns the pressing need for designers to engage people with the physical world.

Step by Step: Florian Richter Sound Designer
At the second Ninety Minutes of Frame, Sound Design for Architecture founder Florian Richter will give an in-depth look into the world of sonic experience. Trained as both a musician and sound designer, Richter develops soundscapes – not music – for a wide variety of spaces, different museums, offices, hospitals, private homes and most recently, a car park. Developing concepts for architects - his digital and natural tones intensify each building’s purpose. Richter’s soundscapes don’t disrupt, but blend in, creating a synergy between silence and environment.

May 2013 - SoundDesignForArchitecture creates soundscapes for
underground car-parkings

March 2013 - BK-City Project

The value of sound in contemporary architecture

What is the sound of BK City – the lab of modern architecture

What do you experience when architecture becomes audible?

From March 4th 2013 you will hear soundscapes entering the ”Lab of architecture” – Delft University of Technology, created by Sound Design For Architecture.

Three soundscapes representing three specific locations: one in  BK City Street, West & East, en two more in the west and east staircases

At these locations authentic sound has been recorded digitally: not the acoustics of space but of the actual materials: stone, concrete, glass, steal, aluminium, wood, plastics and surroundings. Later we processed them digital by resynthesis in our sound studio. The authentic sound of the building enlivens. The perception offers a complete experience of architecture through our sonic awareness.

Recente projects, soundfiles and films: